Original photography can be taken in your home, outdoors, in a studio or wherever you desire. The choice does affect the cost. If you have a family outing, we can come to the event and shoot onsite. All photos are taken digitally using a professional camera that delivers superb quality. All photos are given to you on a disc so that you can select the ones that you would like enhanced or retouched.


Whether the photo is taken by us or provided by you, you can determine the amount of work you want done to it. We'll crop it, resize it, retouch it and manipulate any way a photo can be manipulated. The cost is based on how much effort is required to achieve the look you want.


We offer photo services and photo preparation only. We can take the photos, prepare them for you to the specifications of the lab or printing facility you want to use. We do not make prints, although we can recommend very good labs that do excellent work, and for an additional fee we can order on your behalf. We are not a modeling agency.

Photos can be uploaded to an independent  online ordering facility where you and your friends can view and order online. The facility can be one of your own choosing.

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